RED STUDIO is designed and built with the highest world technical standards, used for music recording projects. RED STUDIO and RED CONTROL ROOM are equipped with acoustical systems that create ideal conditions for dubbing, instrumental and vocal recordings and excellent listening conditions. The advanced technology used in the RED STUDIO complies with the music recording standards, exceeds technical standards that are used in competitive dubbing studios.


Connectable with any studios in the world using ISDN technology. Directors located in London, New York or Rzeszów are able to supervise the recording of an artist in our studio. Real time process, without any loss in sound quality.



CONSOLE: Solid State Logic – MATRIX (SuperAnalogue 16 channel, 40 input mixing console with inbuilt signal router and multi-layer digital workstation control)

MULTITRACK / HARD DISK RECORDING: Pro Tools HD2 Accel - 24 inputs and 24 outputs
CONVERTES: Solid State Logic Alpha Link Madi AX  

MONITORING: Adam S3XV with Subwoofer; Yamaha NS10M – alternative monitors
MICROPHONE PREAMP: Solid State Logic XLogic Mic Amp Module
True Systems Precision 8   GAP Pre-73   TL Audio 5001   Focusrite Twin Track  Focusrite Octo Pre LE 

PHERYPHERIAS: Universal Audio LA-2A "Teletronix", 2176 Dual Peak Limiter, MX Bus Compressor, Stereo Tube Summing, Amplifier-Globus, Lexicon MX400a