- dubbing of cinema movies, tv movies and tv series
- original language versions of films and TV series translation
- castings and access to well developed voice bases
- dubbing recordings with the most desired Polish directors and actors
- experience in dubbing recordings with children
- dubbing productions with many vocal and choir performances
- preparation and supervision of the final Polish language version mix for film and television productions
- dubbing productions for the world's leading producers, broadcasters and distributors


Happy Feet Two
Generator Rex
Level UP
Ribbit / Rechotek
A Warriors Tail / Savva. Serdtse voina / Sawa. Mały wielki bohater
Brothers of the Wind / Mój przyjaciel orzeł
Song of the Sea / Sekrety morza
Les nouvelles aventures dAladin / Nowe przygody Aladyna
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them / Fantastyczne zwierzęta i jak je znaleźć
Daniel Tigers Neighborhood
The Innocents / Niewinne
Over the Garden Wall / Za bramą ogrodu